Who Am I ??

Who Am I?? It is very important that we ask ourselves this question. Many people don’t care about asking this question to themselves. They take it for granted. Others who ask are struggling in their lives. There are really fewer people who know the importance of this question. So guys, if I ask you to define yourself in some lines, what will be your answer?? U will say your name, your favorite color, your hobbies, your favorite food, etc. But that is not an accurate answer to this question. In this blog, we will discuss what it means to know oneself and how to answer the question WHO AM I.

It is important that we observe ourselves all the time, analyze our experiences from time to time, check our expectations from ourselves, etc. It is important for us to understand ourselves. We should know how are we physically, mentally, intellectually and socially. It is important to know ourselves before knowing anyone else. We should see in ourselves before pointing towards others.

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Importance of Knowing Oneslef

  • Knowing ourselves will help us know our strengths and we will be able to enhance it
  • It will help us know our weaknesses and we will be able to minimize it.
  • We will be able to understand our vulnerabilities.
  • It will help us making efforts for making positive changes in ourselves.
  • Knowing ourselves will help in personal growth and development.
  • It will help us in reaching our full potentail.
Who am I,

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Some Questions That Will Help You In Knowing Yourself

Ask these questions to yourself. It may not be easy to find answers to all at first but as you get to know yourself, you will be able to answer. These questions will definitely help you to know yourself.

  • Meaning of your name: It is not a very difficult question, right. Many people don’t know the meaning of their name. So firstly, you should know the meaning of your name.
  • When you feel happy/sad: Ask yourself what makes you happy/sad. When are you happy/sad or with whom.
  • What you like about yourself: Ask yourself the things you like about yourself.
  • Things you don’t like about youself: Ask yourself the things you don’t like about yourself.
  • Things you are afraid of: Ask yourself about the things that scare you or the things you are afraid of.
  • Analyze your strengths: Analyze the things which you are good at.
  • Analyze your weaknesses: Analyze the things you need to improve.
  • Ambitions: Ask yourself about our ambitions in life, what you expect of yourself, what you want to become, etc.
  • Principles: It is a very important question to ask yourself what principles you have in your life. It is very important to have principles in life.
Who Am I

After asking all these questions to yourself, I hope you will be able to know yourself. I hope I was able to help you all. You can also right the answers of these questions on a paper so that in future you can refer to them.