Effective Communication Skills

In my last blog, I told u the value of communication in every relationship. We also talked about steps of how to improve communication in a relationship. Now, let’s learn about communication skills and what do we mean by effective communication skills.

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Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in almost all aspects of life.  Many jobs require strong communication skills and people with good communication skills usually have better relationships.

Effective Communication Skills

Types Of Communication

  • Verbal Communication: Verbal communication is the use of sounds and words to express yourself, especially in contrast to using gestures or manners.
  • Nonverbal Communication: Nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice, gestures displayed through body language (kinesics) and the physical distance between the communicators.
  • Visual Communication: Visual communication is the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be seen. Visual communication in part or whole relies on eyesight.
  • Written Communication: Written communication involves any type of message that makes use of the written word.Written communication is the most important and the most effective of any mode of businesscommunication.
Effective Communication Skills

Hurdles Of Effective Communication

  • Judging the Other Person: If you judge the person while talking to him/her, you can never have an effective conversation with him/her. Basically, you can never understand them.
  • Stress or over-emotional: When you are very stressed or overwhelmed with emotions then you may misunderstand the other person.
  • Lack of focus: When you lack in focus or attention towards the other person or you are multitasking or you are mentally absent, you can never have an effective communication.
  • Negative Body Language: If you are not interested in what the other person is saying, you may use negative body language. This may be like crossing arms, avoiding eye contact, etc.

Effective Communication Skills

  • Active Listening: When the other person is speaking, we should listen to that person. We should be mentally present and be a good listenener.
  • Understand Other Person: When we are talking to someone, we always wish or want the other person to understand us. This is the truth. So we should do the same that we expext. We sould try to understand the other person.
  • Minimize Stress: If we are stressed, then we should try to minimize our stress as we know if we are stressed, we may misunderstand the other person. If the other person is stressed, we should help him out too.
Effective Communication Skills
  • Complain When Necessary: Some people have a habit of complaining always. This can really be bad for you. One should not always be complaining. Complain when it is necessary.
  • Be Clear: When you are speaking, try to br clear. Don’t beat around the bush. Be as clear as you can.
  • Have A Positive Attitude: Always remember to have a positive attitude. This attitude can help one a lot. Having a positive attitude towards everything is very difficult i know, but atleast we can try. Also, have a smile on your face. It gives you energy.

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  • Feedback: When the other person has told u, then tell them how you feel about it. Give them a feedback.