How Can I Build Self Confidence

How Can I Build Self Confidence

In today’s world where everything is moving too fast, it is really important for all of us to understand that confidence is a very important tool if we want to gain success. To understand this, first of all we should know that what is confidence. Confidence is basically trustworthiness. It is a believe in something or someone. It gives us the power to conquer the world. Now its time to learn how can I build self confidence.
Another term related to confidence is self-confidence. Self confidence is having confidence in oneself. It is believing in self that we can do a particular task. It helps us in achieving everything we aspire in life. Self-confidence is something which cannot be achieved in a day. It takes a lot of effort and time to build self confidence.

How Can I Build Self Confidence

There is another term known as over-confidence. There is a very little difference or we can say that there is a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. Many people become over confident which is not good. We should understand the difference between them. The time till which we are confident, it is great but as soon as we start being over-confident, the situation worsens.

Difference Between Confidence And Over-Confidence

  • Confidence is trusting our capabilities but over-confidence is imagining the capabilities which we don’t have.
  • Confidence gives us strength but over-confidence doesn’t.

Difference Between Confidence And Over-Confidence


Ways To Build Self Confidence

  • Stop Comparing: First step for building self confidence is to stop comparing ourselves with others in any matter. As it is said, “Stop comparing yourself with others, because if you are doing so you are insulting yourself”. On the whole planet, there is no one like us with our capabilities, so why to compare ourselves with others.
  • Stop Over-Generalising Yourself: Stop over-generalising yourself. Stop making unnecessary rules for yourself. Also, stop criticising yourself. Criticising oneself decreases self confidence.

How Can I Build Self Confidence

  • Dress Sharp: When we look good, we will definitely feel great and confident. So it is important to dress properly. This has been proven very important step towards gaining confidence.
  • Face Your Fears: Start facing your fears. Stop being afraid of them. This is a huge reason of low confidence in people that they are not able to fear their fears. Stop avoiding the things you are afraid of. This will definitely help you boost you self confidence.How Can I Build Self Confidence
  • Speak Up: Start speaking in the group discussions. Stop thinking what others will think about you. Stop being afraid of them judging you. Start expressing your views on a topic. When you will start speaking, it will definitely help you to boost self confidence.
  • Make Eye Contact: Whenever talking to someone, try to look in their eyes and talk. This shows that you are confident about yourself.
  • Be Ready For Failures: Don’t be afraid of failures. Don’t stop trying something from the fear of failures. Don’t let failures let you down. Learn from every failure and don’t make the same mistake in future.

Be Ready For Failures: Don't be afraid of failures. Don't stop trying something from the fear of failures. Don't let failures let you down. Learn from every failure and don't make the same mistake in future.

  • Make compliments: When we don’t think positively for ourselves, how can we think positively for others. Also, we project this negativity to others. Start praising others. Stop being in group who is backstabbing others. This will generate self confidence.
  • Be Positive: Positive energy leads to positive outcomes. Set your mind to avoid the negative self talk that will make you feel less confident. Smile, laugh and be surrounded with happy people which will make you happy and you will feel confident.
  • See Your Achievements: Always acknowledge what you have achieved in life. Never underestimate yourself. You can always achieve whatever you aspire. Always believe in yourself. This will help in boosting your self confidence.




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