Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships

Before starting to know about communication in relationships, let us first focus on the term “communication”. So what all of u mean by communication. Some may think that communication means talking, some may think it means telling, etc. None of u will be completely wrong but this term has a wider meaning. Communication means the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Now let us come to communication in relationships.

Communication in Relationships

Communication is very important for any relationship, whether being friends, husband-wife, parents-children, etc. It is very important that you have a good and healthy communication with the people around you. We all like to increase our social circle(like friends, acquaintances). Having a healthy communication with everyone helps one to strengthen their relationship. This is the importance of communication in relationship. In relationship, communication can be discussing your feelings, problems, issues, experiences, etc with the other person.

Communication Gap

What is a communication gap? A communication gap may be defined as when the information by sender/speaker is wrongly interpreted by the recipient. Sometimes none of them is wrong considering the situation. Sometimes people forget to tell somethings which can turn into communication gap. You may have a lot of examples of this around you. This may be because of a lot of reasons but the point is that we need to minimize it. There is no place for a communication gap in relationships.

Steps to Improve Communication in Relationship

  • Listen Carefully: Communication not only involves telling the other person about your life, experiences, etc; it also involves listening to the other person when he is speaking/sharing. They should not feel that you are not interested in their talk. Both are of equal importance.
  • Be aware of your tone: Nowadays most arguments occur because of the tone used by the person. Sometimes person is saying right but his/her tone make her wrong. Watching our tone is a very important step. We should try to be calm while talking. Don’t pick on battles while having a communication. Learn the difference between discussion and argument.

Communication in Relationships

  • Respect each other’s opinion: Don’t make fun of the opinion of the other person. Every person has the right to have a different opinion. One should respect that and listen to it even if we have completely different opinion than that person.


  • Accept your responsibilities and mistakes: Never run from your responsibility towards that person or the relationship. Always confess your mistakes in front of that person before they come to know from someone else. Knowing from someone else is worse as compared.

Communication in Relationships

  • Never expect the other person  to read your mind: Never expect the other person to read your mind. Be clear with him. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t expect the person to know how you feel even if you haven’t told yet.
  • Control your emotions: It is very important to control emotions while having a conversation. Many people get angry or start crying while having a conversation. It should not happen. Try to control them. If you don’t change, many people will stop talking to you. They will think what is the point of talking to this person, he will get angry or start crying.

Communication in Relationships

  • Interact with the other person: When a person is telling/explaining/advising you something, don’t sit quiet. Talk to that person telling your view on that topic. This really irritates some people when someone is advising you something and you are sitting as that person is talking to walls. Try to speak, don’t sit quiet.
  • Know more about each other: Ask questions to the other person to know them. Don’t assume that you know the answers. This will help you to have a balance between talking and listening. It is a difficult task. It is great as both of you will be talking and listening to each other.

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