9 Ways to Combat Procrastination

9 Ways to Combat Procrastination

Procrastination is a word which a very few may have listened but almost all of us have gone through it. Procrastination is basically the act of delaying something. It is putting off or delaying some important tasks and doing nothing or doing something less important. Here we are going to discuss 9 Ways to Combat Procrastination. By Combat Procrastination, we mean the actions that can be taken to reduce it.


9 Ways to Combat Procrastination

We all have faced it once or more in life. Whenever we get a project in either school, college or at work, we usually are cool about it. In the starting we think we have a lot of time and we keep on procrastinating it. As the time passes by and our deadline comes near we start on getting tensed about it that whether we will be able to complete it or not. We have been delaying it for weeks and now our tension level is touching the roof.
The most important thing that we need to keep in mind is to get started. We should start our work inspite of only thinking about it. It is always said:
“The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.” 

9 Ways to Combat Procrastination

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Reasons We Do Procrastination

  • It may be because you really dislike the activity.
  • It may be because we find the task lengthy and difficult.
  • This may be because of the fact that we are not able to organize the things properly.
  • Sometimes we delay the work because we are not in the mood of that particular task.
  • This may be because we fear that we will fail so we don’t even try.

Ways to Combat Procrastination

  • Set Your Priorities: First of all, we need to prioritize our work by asking ourself questions like what things should be done today, or what are the things that can wait a little, etc. You can also think of tasks as important, urgent or both.
  • Be Motivated: Keep yourself motivated that you can do it. Don’t get scared from tasks. Tell yourself that ” I Can Do It”. Motivate yourself to take action today.

9 Ways to Combat Procrastination

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  • Stop Giving Excuses: Stop hiding yourself behind lame excuses. Try to complete the task. Excuses never do any good.
  • Avoid Distractions: Nowadays, we very easily distracted from our work. We need to avoid the distractions. It can be anything like using social media or calling and gossiping with friends.
  • Be With Positive People: Be with positive people. They will help us be positive and this way negativity will be away. We will be able to focus on our work/task.
  • Stop Over-Complicating: We need to stop over-complicating the things in our mind as they are not always that complicated. Many a times we make a task such difficult just by our thinking. More than 80% is our fear. There is nothing like that.
  • Have Plans: Set goals and make your plan accordingly and try to follow it as strictly as you can. This will definitely help you stay committed to your work. Don’t be afraid to start.

9 Ways to Combat Procrastination

  • Reward Yourself: Rewarding oneself on completing a task is a very great option. This will keep our mind on the reward that we will get on completion and this can help us in completing difficult tasks easily too. It can be whatever (however small ), like your favorite ice-cream or your favorite dinner.
  • Divide Into Parts: Whenever we see a big and difficult task, we often start avoiding/delaying it. So whenever a situation like this occurs, divide the task in smaller parts and complete the task in parts.

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